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Our History

Governor's XI v Lord's Taverners Team at the WACA Ground, November 2007.

The Lord's Taverners was founded in 1950 by a group of actors and entertainers whose habit it was to watch the cricket, well refreshed, from the Tavern at the Lord's Cricket Ground in London. 

In the intervening years Lord's Taverners WA has had the services of several dedicated and talented office bearers. When Sir James Cruthers stepped down as President he was followed by Sir Frank Callaway and now John Moody. As Chairman, Peter Firkins was succeeded by Peter Dunn, Barrie Hudson, Leo Crohan and currently Mike Snell. Harry Sorensen held the post of Secretary for 21 years. In 2004 he was followed by John Snell. The current Secretary is Lorraine Day.

In 2012 John Moody stepped down from a productive period as President, ably supported by Mike Snell in the role of Chairman. Having completed his service as Governor of Western Australia, Dr Ken Michael, steped down as Patron of Lords Taverners WA. We have been doubly fortunate in that Mr Malcolm McKusker, Governor of Western Australia, has agreed to be our Patron, and Dr Michael has stepped smoothly into the Presidency.

Taverners UK began by raising funds for the National Playing Fields Association to aid the development of youth cricket. Today it is "A charity founded and based on cricket that helps young people, particularly those with social, environmental, physical or learning disadvantages to enjoy cricket and other sporting and leisure activities".

One of the founding members of the tavern group, John Varley, migrated to Australia and when John Darling (from the family famous in Australian history) received permission from Lord's Taverners UK to establish Lord's Taverners in Australia, Varley was the logical choice as for CEO. The first meeting was held in Sydney on 21st October 1982.

Also in the early 80s a group of cricket enthusiasts in Western Australia, with encouragement from Darling and Varley, set about establishing Lord's Taverners branch in WA. The inaugural meeting was held in Perth on February 4th 1983.

Given the Taverners' theatrical origins, it seemed only natural that the President should be someone associated with the entertainment industry and Sir James Cruthers, then Chairman of Channel 7 Perth, was elected as President.

Sir James was joined on the Committee by Chairman Peter Firkins; Hon Secretary Harry Sorensen; Hon. Treasurer Rex Tuxford and committee members Norman Ashton, Peter Dunn, Geoff Gibbs, Alan Newman, Kevin Sullivan and Pat van Rooyan.

The Duke of Edinburgh, who is 12th Man of Lord's Taverners UK, agreed to lend his support to the formation of Lord's Taverners branches in Australia and to be named 12th Man for each branch.

WA's First XI was drawn from founding members and included 1 – 11 Sir Charles Court, Sir James Cruthers, Peter Firkins, Bernie Prindiville, Justin Seward, Hon Peter Jones, David Aspinall, Sir Frank Callaway, Ken Court, Peter Dunn and Harry Sorensen.

The first 100 members recruited were classified as Founding Members and this list was headed by the number one ticket holder, the late Sir Charles Court.

The Committee adopted the aim of providing financial support for young players who may not otherwise be able to play cricket or improve their cricket skills. This formed the basis of their charter of "giving the young and disadvantaged a sporting chance".

The establishment of The Lord's Taverners WA was complete when the Taverners Cricket Team, then under the captaincy of former Sheffield Shield player, Arthur Lodge, agreed to join the new organisation.

A good number of the 100 founding members have continued their membership to today and they have seen Lord's Taverners flourish in Western Australia to the point where it has a significant role in the development of junior cricket in this state.